Author Karen Gammons

Author Karen Gammons


Shadow Man Has A New Look!

This past year, my publisher, Tate Publishing, had problems. The owners fell in deep with the law (to put it nicely) and are now in jail. Not only did they steal $4,000 of my money, they left me with having to republish my first book--which is what I did. I took the bull by the horns and together we dove off into the publishing realm.

When you go to buy a book in the store, do you think about the process that goes into publishing a book? Let me tell you, it's a long one. For starters, there's the writing of your book. Then comes the editing process. Nightmare! After the twentieth time of going through your book making sure it's flawless--you go through it again. By that time, you are sick of your story. 

Then comes the fun stuff, or so you think. Formatting. Just when you think that you have your margins aligned, your drop caps in place, your little pictures and chapter heads just right, your headers and footers done just so-- BAM! Something throws a kink in it. Usually, it's your publisher saying, "your pictures aren't embedded, or your pictures aren't 300 dpi, or your margins don't fit the bleed. REALLY!

So you sigh heavily, while contemplating on how much you want to throw your computer out the window. 

Finally, after the cover is complete, you hit the publishing button. It's pretty satisfactory, I can tell you. All those moments that you pulled your hair out and now you have bald spots on your head--all fade away. Well, your hair still has to grow back. But hey, you have your bouncing baby book at last.

That is...until someone says they found a mistake in your book. When that's the case, one might just be sharing a cell with the old publisher. 

Check out the new version of Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man. I think you will be surprised! Click for link.