Author Karen Gammons

Author Karen Gammons


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Ebba Tolen is excited about the community dance and the thought of who will ask her to be her partner that beautiful fall night. But a stranger interrupts her plans—Ebba is abducted by a man, claiming to be her real father, and she is taken far away from everything she has ever known.

Her real pa, Ephraim Tolen, along with her intended beau, Samuel, and the mercantile owner, Mr. Roper, set off to find Ebba. But Ephraim is hurt along the way, and Samuel is left with the task of saving Ebba.

Samuel finally finds the town where Ebba is being held captive and befriends a doctor who vows to help him save Ebba. Meanwhile, Ebba is in the clutches of Ahab Walker, a madman who decides that Ebba needs punishing for her rebellious spirit, and chains her to a bed in the cellar.

Ebba’s ma has always said that God puts people in your path for a reason. Ebba questions God’s purpose for this man. How can she show Christ’s love, when the hatred for the man who has imprisoned her is taking over her heart? Will Samuel rescue Ebba before it’s too late?

In Saving Ebba, Ebba finds the strength and courage she needs to face her captor, and show him the true love of God, and the forgiveness that only Christ can give.