Author Karen Gammons

Author Karen Gammons


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Book 4 of the Prince Andy and the Misfits series: Lemaria's Secret


“Enough! I have evil deeds to be done and you are interfering. Someone fetch my sword. I have a prince to dispatch.”

The guard let go of Andy and walked over to a table. He picked up Saber’s sword. Andy fought the trap in his mind. He had to do something fast, or he wouldn’t be able to. Sweat began to bead on his forehead as he overcame the mind control. One by one, he broke down the barriers. His arm fought as he tried to go for his own sword.

However, Saber saw what was happening and punched Andy in the nose. Andy’s body reeled backward, but Andy was able to keep upright. He slugged Saber in the gut, causing the huge man to double over. Then he punched Saber in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. He managed to pull his sword, but instead of striking down Saber, Andy headed toward Elsfur, fighting the guards as he went. He had almost reached Elsfur when he was hit in the back of the head with something heavy.

As he began to black out, he heard Saber say, “You are a worthy opponent, Prince Andrew Misfit. Such a shame that I have to kill you.”

Andy felt the blade go into his stomach and he heard the screams of Shimmer and his friends before losing consciousness. The pain was too much to bear and he passed out.

To celebrate my tenth year as an author, my books are getting a makeover--new covers, new chapter heads, new chapter head pictures, a new family tree, and a new amazing map. This map was done by a young man in Australia. He goes by Jamienator3000, over on Fiverr.

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