Author Karen Gammons

Author Karen Gammons

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Prince Andy and the Misfits Series

Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man

Andy thought he was just an average sixteen-year-old kid...

But one day his world is completely turned upside down as he learns the unbelievable truth of his identity: he is the prince of a faraway kingdom called Filligrim in the Valley of the Misfits. A magical place where pixies, elves, wizards, and dragons are just as likely to be inhabitants as humans. He was brought to this world following his birth, the only way to keep him from being murdered by his evil, malicious grandfather.

Sounding more like a fairytale than reality, Andy at first thinks he must be dreaming. But then his aunt Gladdy reveals even more astonishing news: his mother, the Queen of the Misfits, is in trouble; she’s been captured by goblins, and it’s up to Andy to rescue her.  Still in shock, he makes a decision that will forever alter life as he’s known it. He will return to Filligrim and, with the help of six heroic Misfits, will embark on a mission to save the kingdom from the clutches of evil.

In Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man, Andy encounters one adventure after another as he works to uncover a traitor, rescue the queen from goblins, retrieve a stone of immense power, and solve the mystery surrounding the Shadow Man, the sinister mastermind behind it all. And perhaps most importantly, he must ultimately discover if he has the heart to become a true prince.    
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Prince Andy and the Misfits: Epidemic in the Dark Lands

Enter the Dark Lands at your own risk!
In book two, Prince Andy and the Misfits: Epidemic in the Dark Lands, the adventure continues. Andy wakes up in a dungeon in the Dark Lands. (His twin Kwagar is imprisoned far away, deep in the Dingy Mountains.) The Shadow Man tortures and drugs Andy as a means of extracting information: Where is the Jewel and Crown of the Races hidden? The Shadow Man intends to harness its dark, magical powers to soothe his own lust for greed…and total domination of the races. The only way to stop him is to destroy the Jewel and Crown of the Races, and its dark magic—forever.

          Just before the Shadow Man found Andy in the Dark Lands, mortally wounded, Andy buried the Jewel of the Races deep in the woods of the Dark Lands’ magical ground. From it a fruit tree sprang up, seeded from pure evil. After eating one of the fruits, Morgan, a Shadow Person, collapses to the ground. Immediately green streaks and pustules cover his body—and so the contagious Epidemic of the Dark Lands spreads.

           In this magical world of elves, pixies, giants, flying dragons, and Shadow People, the Misfits must fight battles, race against time to stop the Shadow Man, cure the Shadow People of their plague, and destroy the Jewel and Crown of the Races, all before the Dark Lands’ evil power turns Andy into a Shadow Person.

           Sacrifice and trials strengthen Andy and the Misfits’ character, leading them to discover their talents and inner strengths—of courage, compassion, forgiveness—and possibly the prospect of Andy’s first true love. 

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Prince Andy and the Misfits: Loombria

In book three, Prince Andy and the Misfits: Loombria, Tallulah P. Briar has left behind a riddle for Andy to solve—a riddle that will lead Andy to the Crown of the Races. But that quest is put on hold when a girl named Allison (claiming to be a star) comes to Andy and informs him that Daisy, Andy’s pixie, has been kidnapped, along with Allison’s shape-shifting friend Michelle, Fairy Godmother, and the other fairies from Toadstool Village.


Andy sets out for Loombria with some of the Misfits and Allison, to try and rescue their abducted friends. They stop at Eldfjall, the Dragon Kingdom, and find out some very useful information about Tallulah P. Briar, which gives Andy the hope of finding the Crown of the Races and of saving his pixie, all in one adventure.


Once there, in the land of Loombria, they meet Princess Loepsie, whose father once ruled Loombria. Andy promises to help restore her to her throne and rid the land of the evil Emperor Keatonius, who has taken control of Loombria, if she will help them with their tasks. She agrees and a friendship is formed.


But the Jewel of the Races has other plans. It feels that the Crown of the Races is near and drives others to do its bidding, so that it can be reunited with the crown. This causes Andy to question, how many more must die before the cursed Jewel of the Races is destroyed?


On his quest, Andy feels the weight of the world, as he doubts his ability to rule as a future king, rescues his friends from the clutches of Emperor Keatonius, restores a princess to her rightful place as a queen, takes more power away from the jewel, and solves the mystery of Tallulah P. Briar.

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